Artist based in London UK

Creating upon self experience as the conceptual basis, Emma explores existence and consciousness with multiple mediums within art, including sculpture, installation and performance.

Specializing in sculpture and installation, Emma is recently working with the material of thread and fabric on a larger scale, which audience may able to involve in the works. Observing the relationship between place, space and oneself, in the series of fabric installation, Emma changes the form and the structure of the works following the spaces with different interior structures. Base on the same series of medium and technique, the meaning of the body of work may be different along with the difference of location.

Being familiar working with fabric and other soft materials, Emma usually constructs the work into an abstract, deformed form, creating the main body as a human being, an individual, which response to the artist’s concept of creating a body and a system that containing the personal consciousness- the process of development could be seen as a proof, or the trace of the artist’s existence, base on the idea of remaining oneself.


2020- 2021

Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London

2017- 2020

Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University




Existence, 1B Window Gallery, London


London Design Festival- Sustainable China, 55A Dean Street, London

BOUNDLESS, Miart Gallery, London

OVERLAY, Owl store, Harrogate

Simulacra, Prince Charles Cinema, London


Late at Tate Britain: Finding Home- Life Between Islands, Tate Britain, London

London Grads Now. 21, Saatchi Gallery, London

RALLY, Chelsea College of Arts, London

2020, AIR Gallery, Manchester


Cookhouse Show, Chelsea College of Arts, London


Language: material and meaning, Terrace NQ, Manchester

Ignore This, Manchester Metropolitan University Library, Manchester


We Are Future, Ruby Lounge, Manchester

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